#SOHA2018 Day One

The Southwest Oral History Association board is thrilled to have more than 130 participants attend our SoCal conference. There’s still time to join us on Saturday and Sunday for an array of inspiring panels that draw on our theme of “Elevating Voices: Oral Histories of Resilience and Unity.”

This year’s workshop attendes discussing their anxieties with conducting oral histories followed by a discussion of how to cure them with Dr. Cora Granata.

The Influence and Resilience of #Women in #Politics and Activism panel with Jessica Buckle, Sierra Sampson, Katelyn York, Helen Yoshida with moderator Marcie Gallo.

Keri Marken and Lyonne Christman attend afternoon #SOHA2018 sessions. Join us for an array presentations that represent the Southwest through Sunday, April 29th!

Thank you to the Voices from the March group from the University of Florida who delivered a passionate #performance!

Great #SOHA2018 opening reception conversations at the #Fullerton Marriott!

Farina King presented a gift to Franklin Howard, the #SOHA graduate assistant. We are grateful for all his commitment to support and grow our organization! Visit Franklin at the #Fulleton Marriott #registration table from 8am-5pm on Saturday and 8am-11am on Sunday.

Jennifer Keil, Marcie Gallo, and Cora Granata enjoyed a fun evening at the #SOHA2018 opening reception at the #Fullerton Marriott. We are grateful for their dedication to this conference with our institutional partners UNLV and CSUF.

Please visit the Silent Auction in the Fullerton Room located on the first floor of the Marriott throughout our event. We use these funds to provide scholarships to our annual conferences


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