Del Mar Historical Society

The Del Mar Historical Society (DMHS) provided an oral history recording station at the new Civic Center opening ceremony on Saturday, June 30, 2018. Annie DuVal facilitated the recording sessions for the attendees. These narratives will be part of the “Audio Tapestry ” that they are creating and will be displayed at a later date. Suzi Resnik, the SOHA 2017 Mink awardee, shared her story of becoming involved with local history. She instituted the Del Mar Voices project in 1995. These interviews are included in the San Diego County Library System. Resnik stated, “Since then, we have continuously recorded the oral histories in the form of narrative conversations of former Del Mar Mayors, old Timers, community leaders.” She continued to explain that they are digitally recording the narratives of “people who grew up on the beach, and the voluntary associations of Del Mar such as the Del Mar Foundation, Friends of the Powerhouse, Community Connections, Friends of the Library, the Del Mar TV Foundation and more.” DMHS hopes to continue this city partnership and provide listening stations at farmer’s market. Assistant City Manager Kristen Cane stated, “This introduces a new park space to the community. We’ll be having the farmers market here. That was always part of the vision.” Read more about the space in the San Diego Union Tribune.

To become involved with their project, visit for more information. The Del Mar Historical Society “is an independent 501(c)(3), California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation founded in 1985, striving to fulfill its long-time mission to discover, record, collect, preserve, perpetuate, and display for public benefit the historical facts, artifacts, properties, and other material concerning the history of the village of Del Mar.”

The new Del Mar Civic Center on a lot that slopes away from Camino del Mar toward the ocean. (Photo by Charlie Neuman)


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