UNLV University Libraries


The African American Experience in Las Vegas

The UNLV University Library has an incredible project directed by SOHA’s Past President, Dr. Claytee White and managed by SOHA’s Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Barbara Tabash. African American Collaborative joined together because each believes in the importance of collecting, preserving, and making accessible the history of African Americans in Las Vegas.”

Their “website was launched in January 2014, the digital collection contained approximately 600 items. During subsequent grant periods, additional materials were added to bring the total to 4543 items. The multiple formats include text, images, and multimedia. Roughly 75 oral history interviews previously conducted by the UNLV Libraries’ Oral History Research Center are searchable via keywords or full text. Additional audio clips (52 mp3 files) complement the text, as well as photograph collections (398 total images) and a small selection of items from the manuscript collections (14 documents) that are relevant to the project’s focus. Each narrator (47 total) is represented in the collection with a biographical information record in the collection that joins related materials together in one place for easy user access. While some Partners shared materials for digitization that include items like the Jay Florian Mitchell Collection held by the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society (260 images), others shared information about their holdings and links to their collection websites.

In 2016 the UNLV University Libraries partnered with VegasPBS to complete the final phase of the project. With additional grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and The Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial, they produced the documentary, African Americans: the Las Vegas Experience. In addition, they created a curriculum guide to help K-12 teachers incorporate video clips and primary sources into classroom teaching and assignments.”


Visit http://digital.library.unlv.edu/aae for more project details.

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