Oral History Association Archives Interest Group

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Conference Call Agenda

Date:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time: 2-3 PM EST (11-Noon PST).

Location:  Zoom Meeting.  To join the meeting, use this Zoom link

Please Note:  This session will be recorded if there is consensus to do so from all participants. Previous discussions that were recorded can be accessed here

  1. Welcome (2:00 PM EST)
  2. May Discussion of Practice (2:00 ~ 2:45 PM EST)  

Topic:  “Multilingual indexing (workflows) with OHMS”

Joint Facilitators/ Presenters; Teague Schneiter, Senior Manager, and Brendan Coates, Senior Archivist, Oral History Projects at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, California.


III. May Business Meeting (2:45-3:00 PM EST)

1) Update on committee to address OHA Principles and Best Practices supplemental archives document initiated in January

Jennifer Snyder/ Ellen Brooks

2) Any Additional New Business or Announcements?

Future Meeting Topics:  

July 2019:  TBD, Possibilities include:

“Cooking with Sound”:  Recording Software, Best Practices (Charles Hardy III, West Chester University)

“Using text analyzing and data analysis tools and strategies for mining large oral history collections (transcripts): early discussions from a case study at San Francisco State University (Lauren Kata, with longtime OHA member and guest Kathy Nasstrom)

September 2019:  Topic Needed/TBD

November 2019:  Automated Transcription Part II, Allison Schein Holmes, Archivist, WFMT & Studs Terkel Radio Archive

Topic Ideas for the Future:  Copyright 101 (Teague/AMIA)

Don’t Forget:

OHA-AIG Member Bios:  Reminder to please consider adding your bio here if you haven’t already done so – Bios AIG members

Conference Call Discussion Topics Document:  Please add any new ideas for discussion topics to this document – Conference Call Discussion Proposals

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