The Inaugural SOHA Summer Bootcamp Begins!

The Southwest Oral History Association is excited to announce the beginning of its Inaugural Summer Bootcamp (virtual), June 14-18, 2021.

In this five-day intense workshop, participants learn a lot about oral history, while working on their own established research goals. The SOHA Bootcamp team, led by 1st Vice President of SOHA Summer Cherland, encourages participants to approach the workshop in the way that works best for them. This bootcamp is more of a retreat than a conference.

Each day, participants choose a specific challenge to complete. They use the South Phoenix Oral History Project’s podcast, “More and More Every Day,” for these challenges. They review the suggested challenges in the syllabus each day and select one that aligns with their research and stated goals. Anyone can find and listen to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify. Episodes are about 10 minutes long.

Here is Dr. Cherland’s “Welcome Video” for the Virtual Summer 2021 SOHA Bootcamp:

The SOHA Summer Bootcamp emphasizes goal setting. Each participant establishes goals for the end of the week. For example, they might commit to:
Completing an interview by the end of the week or;
Drafting a plan to access, analyze, and use conducted oral histories for research/publishing or;
Establish a specialized goal based on their own research needs/interests

Each day, they have “challenges” and reading assigned, and they are encouraged to use the materials and lessons for their own oral history purposes. During the five days of the workshop, they meet each morning with experienced oral historians, and then they work independently throughout the day.

There are also mentoring groups for participants. Each participant is assigned to a small group with a lead mentor. These groups interact asynchronously to share updates and give each other feedback each day. The mentors also coordinate directly with the participants.

This year’s mentors include: SOHA 2nd Vice President Cynthia Castaneda, 1st Vice-President Summer Cherland, Past President Juan Coronado, President Farina King, Treasurer Ryan Morini, and Past President Claytee White.

Participants also have the opportunity to present about their research at a national and/or regional oral history conference, which SOHA will announce in the near future. SOHA will highlight participants’ works, and we are excited that participants receive a year’s membership in our organization.

Special thanks to donors, organizers, and contributors to the SOHA Summer 2021 Bootcamp, including, but not limited to: Dr. Summer Cherland, Dr. Juan Coronado, Director of the Oral History Research Center at UNLV Libraries Claytee White, Dr. Caryll Dziedziak, Dr. Virginia Espino, Dr. Marcia Gallo, and SOHA Graduate Assistant at UNLV Anthony Graham.

Please join or renew your SOHA membership if you have not already done so, and follow us on our social media for updates.

Thank you!

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