Chiriaco Summit Author

SOHA’s Dr. Mary Contini Gordon was recently a part of Calabasas Author’s Night. Please see the article posted on the station’s site below:

“Business and Innovation Leader, Speaker, Writer/Researcher and Author Dr. Mary Contini Gordon is a meticulous researcher with years of examining organizational issues in the public and private sectors. She was the executive director of the Hughes Institute for Professional Development and oversaw professional and executive development across all five Hughes Companies. After retiring at the end of 2008, she became the facilitator for the Arizona Technology Council’s CEO Network in Tucson, mostly small companies, some family businesses.

Her latest book, “Chiriaco Summit, Built by Love in the Desert“: “Wine was free, but we had to pay for water.”

Joe Chiriaco and his thirteen siblings heard this from their Italian immigrant father as he recounted his ocean journey to America. In the face of limited water and rudimentary dirt roads, Joe and his Norwegian wife, Ruth Bergseid, founded Chiriaco Summit in the 1930s, a desert travel oasis on today’s Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Los Angeles, promising to serve the world on wheels.

The twenty-four-seven challenges are lightened with the courtship of two feisty lovers, the frolicking of youngsters in the desert, more loves, and the juxtaposition of some very imposing personalities, including those of Joe Chiriaco and General Patton.

After moving through new aqueducts and highways, military camps, societal upheavals, and a welcome new set of hard-working immigrants, the twenty-first century brings provisions for electric cars, modern aircraft, and ATV facilities outside Joshua Tree National Park from whence the first Summit waters flowed.

Dr. Gordon is dedicated to telling the stories of those who may not be well known, but contribute mightily to the fabric of this country.”

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OHA Call for Posters


“Oral History in Our Challenging Times” Oral History Association
2018 Annual Meeting
October 10-14, Montreal, Canada
“We are now accepting poster submissions at OHA 2018.
We invite submissions for a poster session and project bazaar that will be held at the Oral History Association Conference at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada from October 10-14, 2018 The session will take place on Saturday, October 13. Proposals addressing the meeting theme, ‘Oral History in Our Challenging Times’ are especially welcome, but any timely subject of interest to oral history will be considered. Presenters must be available to discuss their posters and projects during the session.”

Visit for full details.

Del Mar Historical Society

The Del Mar Historical Society (DMHS) provided an oral history recording station at the new Civic Center opening ceremony on Saturday, June 30, 2018. Annie DuVal facilitated the recording sessions for the attendees. These narratives will be part of the “Audio Tapestry ” that they are creating and will be displayed at a later date. Suzi Resnik, the SOHA 2017 Mink awardee, shared her story of becoming involved with local history. She instituted the Del Mar Voices project in 1995. These interviews are included in the San Diego County Library System. Resnik stated, “Since then, we have continuously recorded the oral histories in the form of narrative conversations of former Del Mar Mayors, old Timers, community leaders.” She continued to explain that they are digitally recording the narratives of “people who grew up on the beach, and the voluntary associations of Del Mar such as the Del Mar Foundation, Friends of the Powerhouse, Community Connections, Friends of the Library, the Del Mar TV Foundation and more.” DMHS hopes to continue this city partnership and provide listening stations at farmer’s market. Assistant City Manager Kristen Cane stated, “This introduces a new park space to the community. We’ll be having the farmers market here. That was always part of the vision.” Read more about the space in the San Diego Union Tribune.

To become involved with their project, visit for more information. The Del Mar Historical Society “is an independent 501(c)(3), California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation founded in 1985, striving to fulfill its long-time mission to discover, record, collect, preserve, perpetuate, and display for public benefit the historical facts, artifacts, properties, and other material concerning the history of the village of Del Mar.”

The new Del Mar Civic Center on a lot that slopes away from Camino del Mar toward the ocean. (Photo by Charlie Neuman)

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

The @UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC) archives Oral Histories that showcase the “life narratives of prominent Chicano and Latino figures. The life narratives have been recorded and transcribed, and the interviewer and interviewee have reviewed and corrected the transcriptions prior to publication. These oral histories are often undertaken as part of a larger research project and in tandem with archival collections and library holdings.” Visit the @uclacsrc and @ucla_libraryspecialcollections
for more archival holdings.

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#SOHA2018 Day Three

We are excited to share some latest updates from the SOHA business meeting!

Fantastic panel this morning with Barbara Tabach, Project Manager, Oral History Research Center, UNLV Libraries; Secretary and Newsletter Editor, SOHA Board of Directors, Emily Lapworth, Digital Collections Librarian, and Aaron Mayes, Special Collections & Archives Visual Materials Curator, UNLV Libraries.

This panel was titled, “An Oral History Project for the Digital World of Now and the Future.” When #UNLV Libraries’ Oral History Research Center began the Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project [SNJHP], two objectives were established: 1) create a digital collection that provides online access to historical resources about the local Jewish community and 2) initiate a strategic collecting initiative that ensures the preservation of and access to historical primary sources about this community. To capture the essence of the important contributions of Jews to the history of Las Vegas, new and existing oral histories were a major component. Collections of photos, documents, videos and newspapers have been digitized for the project. The SNJHP required the collaboration of many unique talents to make materials available on a dedicated web portal and in UNLV’s Special Collections & Archives.

These #ASU students participated in the Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion: “Our Stories, Nuestras Historias.” We are glad to have so many Sun Devils here!

Our #SOHA2018 keynote Maylei Blackwell shares her story at the Plenary Session / Brunch in the Fullerton Marriott Grand Ballroom.
Professor Maylei Blackwell is an interdisciplinary scholar activist, oral historian, and author of ¡Chicana Power!
Contested Histories of Feminism in the Chicano Movement, published with University of Texas Press. She is Associate Professor in the César E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o Studies and Women’s Studies Department, and affiliated faculty in the American Indian Studies and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies. Professor Blackwell’s research has two distinct but interrelated trajectories that broadly analyze how women’s social movements in the U.S. and Mexico are shaped by questions of difference – factors such as race, indigeneity, class, sexuality or citizenship status – and how these differences impact the possibilities and challenges
of transnational organizing. Through collaborative and community-based research, Professor Blackwell has excavated genealogies of women of color feminism in the U.S. and accompanied indigenous women organizers in Mexico as well as feminist movements and sexual rights activists throughout Latin
American. Her most recent research with farm worker women and indigenous migrants seeks to better understand new forms of grassroots transnationalism.

Stan Rodriguez is a Kumeyaay/Iipay Ipai bird singer from Santa Ysabel Band of Digueño Indians reservation in San Diego County. He is an internationally recognized #linguist, #educator, #community #elder, and #storyteller.

And that’s a wrap! We hope to see you at @ohassociation 2018 in Montréal! Thank you @cophfullerton for hosting our SoCal Conference!

#SOHA2018 Day One

The Southwest Oral History Association board is thrilled to have more than 130 participants attend our SoCal conference. There’s still time to join us on Saturday and Sunday for an array of inspiring panels that draw on our theme of “Elevating Voices: Oral Histories of Resilience and Unity.”

This year’s workshop attendes discussing their anxieties with conducting oral histories followed by a discussion of how to cure them with Dr. Cora Granata.

The Influence and Resilience of #Women in #Politics and Activism panel with Jessica Buckle, Sierra Sampson, Katelyn York, Helen Yoshida with moderator Marcie Gallo.

Keri Marken and Lyonne Christman attend afternoon #SOHA2018 sessions. Join us for an array presentations that represent the Southwest through Sunday, April 29th!

Thank you to the Voices from the March group from the University of Florida who delivered a passionate #performance!

Great #SOHA2018 opening reception conversations at the #Fullerton Marriott!

Farina King presented a gift to Franklin Howard, the #SOHA graduate assistant. We are grateful for all his commitment to support and grow our organization! Visit Franklin at the #Fulleton Marriott #registration table from 8am-5pm on Saturday and 8am-11am on Sunday.

Jennifer Keil, Marcie Gallo, and Cora Granata enjoyed a fun evening at the #SOHA2018 opening reception at the #Fullerton Marriott. We are grateful for their dedication to this conference with our institutional partners UNLV and CSUF.

Please visit the Silent Auction in the Fullerton Room located on the first floor of the Marriott throughout our event. We use these funds to provide scholarships to our annual conferences

SOHA Workshop at COPH

Today we start #SOHA2018 with Introductory Workshop on the Craft of Doing Oral History (Friday, April 27, 2018: 9 AM – 12:00 PM) Register with our special SOHA conference rate: $25 includes workshop, all materials, and Open House at the Center for Oral and Public History
California State University, Fullerton – Pollak Library South 360
Presented by the Lawrence de Graaf Center for Oral and Public History, California State University, Fullerton by Dr. Cora Granata, Professor of History & Associate Director of COPH. This workshop is for beginners and those who wish to brush up on the basics. All the essentials are covered such as planning, research, equipment, interviewing techniques, processing options and legal and ethical issues. Register now at

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