OHA hosts first webinar — Documenting Your Community: Planning Skills for Oral History Projects

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OHA’s first webinar, Documenting Your Community: Planning Skills for Oral History Projects, was presented by Mary Larson and Jeff Corrigan on November 3. The webinar is now available at https://connect.asu.edu/p2jgc6e66x5/

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Many thanks to Jeff Corrigan and Mary Larson for sharing their knowledge and expertise with the oral history community. Special thanks to everyone who registered and joined us— your enthusiasm and response were overwhelming and we are grateful for your participation!



October 17, 2017



1:00pm – 2:30pm
Registration deadline: October 16, 2017
Maximum class size: 50
Instructor: Mary Larson, Associate Dean for Special Collections, Oklahoma State University Library, and Sarah Milligan, Associate Professor and Head of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program, Oklahoma State University 
Location: Live Webinar

Oral histories, which are nearly ubiquitous in archival and cultural heritage collections, capture first-hand accounts of their subjects and are particularly valuable resources as they often record the histories and memories of underrepresented people and groups. However, oral history interviews may be maintained on a variety of media formats (both analog and digital), which can make them daunting to care for. This 90-minute webinar will offer guidance to those archivists charged with maintaining these important recordings and will present a workflow—from beginning to end—for how best to process, preserve, and make accessible oral history materials. The webinar will also introduce some important concepts that are particular to oral history collections, including conversations on ethical considerations, the use of outside vendors, and the role of transcription and index tagging. This is a beginner-level webinar and previous experience processing oral history and/or audiovisual collections is not required. The course will be taught by Mary Larson, Associate Dean for Special Collections at Oklahoma State University Library and former President of the Oral History Association and Sarah Milligan Associate Professor and Head of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at Oklahoma State University.