SOHA Board of Directors 2019-21

The 2019-21 officers were voted by active members at the SOHA Annual Meeting October 19, 2019. The Board Nominating Committee was chaired by Sarah Moorhead with members Kristine Navarro McElhaney and Suzi Resnik. SOHA thanks them for serving.

20190327_1120473063068505136825923.jpg Jennifer Keil, President 
Jennifer Keil is an owner of 70 Degrees, an historical consulting firm. She is the co-creator of Oral History Projects at the Moulton Museum, Balboa Island Museum, Laguna Woods History Center, and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles. She is partnered with the Orange County Public Libraries with the OC Stories project. She has served as the SOHA California Delegate since 2015.
Farina King, 1st Vice President
Farina King is Bilagáanaa Diné and a citizen of the Navajo Nation. Farina is Assistant Professor of History at Northeastern State University, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where she is also an affiliate of the Cherokee and Indigenous Studies Department. Farina is the author of the book, The Earth Memory Compass: Diné Landscapes and Education in the Twentieth Century published by University Press of Kansas in 2018.
Summer Cherland Summer Cherland, 2nd Vice President

Dr. Summer Cherland is an author, speaker, and educator. She researches, writes, and teaches about the historical significance of race and social justice in public and higher education, particularly in the urban Southwest. Her publications and presentations include investigations into the Chicano Movement, Civil Rights organizing, and leadership in the era of segregation. Dr. Cherland is also an expert on the scholarship of teaching and learning, faculty training, and the benefits of higher education to historically under-served populations.
Dr. Cherland is a faculty member at South Mountain Community College, where she teaches American, African-American, and Chicano history.

Monserrath Hernandez, Treasurer
Monserrath Hernández is currently a graduate student working on the Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada oral history project at UNLV. She also is working with Caryll Dziedziak, who is training her on the SOHA Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities
Dalena Sanderson-Hunter, Secretary

Dalena Hunter is a Librarian/Archivist for Los Angeles Communities and Cultures in UCLA Library Special Collections. She will begin serving as SOHA secretary in January 2020.

Barbara Tabach, Newsletter Editor 
Barbara Tabach is Project Director of the Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project of the Oral History Research Center at UNLV University Libraries. She has served as SOHA Secretary and Newsletter Editor since 2015.
Joyce Marshall-Moore, Historian 
Joyce Moore is a retired Archivist at UNLV University Libraries. She is a long-time SOHA leader and member of the Board of Directors. She has served as SOHA’s Historian since 2015.
Carlos Lopez, Arizona Delegate
Carlos Lopez is Archivist at Arizona State Archives and a Doctoral Candidate in Public History at Arizona State University. He has served on the Board of Directors as SOHA’s 1st Vice President and Secretary since 2013.
Cindy Keil, California Delegate
Cindy Keil helped institute several oral history projects in California, including Balboa Island Museum, Laguna Woods History Center, the Moulton Museum, and recently the partnership with the Orange County Public Libraries.
Rodrigo Vazquez, Nevada Delegate
As a member of an ongoing oral history project in Southern Nevada, he is interested in sharing the project with fellow SOHA members and eager to see the great work that is occurring in their respective states. By knowing about the diverse initiatives that are occurring in the Southwest, he will reach out to the many individuals who long for a connection with their neighboring communities or who wish to represent their own.
Rachael Cassidy, New Mexico delegate
Rachael Cassidy (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) PhD student at the University of New Mexico. Rachael has a background as an educator in museums, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, in Washington D.C., as well as living history for the city of Colorado Springs, in Colorado. Rachael was also trained in documentary film during her undergraduate degree at Colorado College, which inspired her love of oral history.
Sharon Catron Evans, Native American Representative
Sharon Evans (Navajo) is an independent researcher who has explored her familial ties and those of other former students to the Native American Boarding School of Intermountain Boarding School in Utah by using oral history. Her background is in health care among urban Native American communities. She sees the importance of oral histories as a platform to help enable their healthy outcomes.
Teagan Dreyer, Student Representative