The Inland Sea OHA 2019 Tour

The Inland Sea: Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake looms large in the American imagination and experience. To many people it seems a landform of contradictions and extremes; its shallow, salty waters complement the perceived sterility of the desert basin that gives it form, yet the Lake’s edges—where land and water meet and fresh water mixes with salt—teem with life. From prehistory it has been home to some people, a distinctive landmark and curiosity to others, and the subject of intrigue and speculation. This tour will showcase the lake’s largest island, rich with history reaching back at least 3,000 years, from Native American hunter-gatherers to reportedly the oldest house on its original foundation in Utah. This guided tour of Antelope Island State Park will include discussions of the archaeological legacy of Antelope Island and the first European Americans to explore its shores, walks through the incredibly preserved Fielding-Garr Ranch, and views of the dramatic landscape.

*This tour will be on Sunday, October 20, and it will cost $50. The tour will last from about 7am-2pm, and bus transportation is included in the cost. A boxed lunch will be provided upon request for an additional fee (see registration form).

**** All tour times are subjective to changes

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Keeping a Record: The LDS Church History Library and Archives

Nearly from its founding in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has encouraged the production and preservation of history. The Church History Library, located across the street from historic Temple Square, is home to state-of-the-art facilities that hold and process historical documents, artifacts, photographs, and other records that document the history of the church, its members, and the Restoration Movement of which it was part. Come learn about the Church History Library’s purpose, the facility, and the types of records stored in the vaults from the Church History Library Director, Keith Erekson. Justin Bray, Chair of the Oral History Working Group, will then talk about the Church History Library’s approach to oral histories. Your visit will end by viewing the “Foundations of Faith” exhibit where key documents of the Church of Jesus Christ’s history is displayed.

*This tour will take place on Friday, October 18, 10am. If interested, please note that this tour will require a considerable amount of walking. Participants will meet in the hotel lobby and walk to the Church History Library, and will walk back.

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Frybread Stories and Diné Oral Histories

Listen to Diné oral histories while learning how to make a traditional recipe of frybread during the OHA Welcome Reception on Wednesday, October 16, 5 PM-7 PM, in Canyon’s Lobby at the Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel.

Description: Frybread is a mixed symbol of survival, hope, death, and tragedy to Native Americans throughout North America. While learning how to prepare frybread dough with generations of Diné women, we will explore the complicated histories and oral traditions of frybread. We will have the opportunity to hear oral histories of Diné womanhood, family, and community, while enjoying frybread, known as “dah díníilghaazh” in Navajo.

Contact Farina King for more information at

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Call for Nominations: 2019-2021 SOHA Board of Directors

It’s that time again, SOHA members: Board nominations are upon us!

Your current Co-Presidents, Juan D. Coronado and Marcie Gallo, are completing their terms of office as of July 1, 2019. As is the SOHA custom, current 1st Vice President Jennifer Keil has agreed to assume the office of SOHA President. In addition, current 2nd Vice President Farina King is willing to assume the duties of 1st Vice President.

Also willing to remain in office are Carlos Lopez, Arizona Delegate, and Rachael Cassidy, New Mexico Delegate. This does not preclude other SOHA members from being nominated or self-nominating for these important positions.

Some who have served our organization well for the last few years will step aside. We offer our sincere thanks to Caryll Batt Dziedziak (Treasurer), Barbara Tabach (Secretary), Virginia Espino (California Delegate), Stefani Evans (Nevada Delegate), Midge Dellinger (Student Representative), and Bridget Groat (Native American Representative)

We now have several vacancies for Board positions and welcome nominations and self-nominations. Please see pages 8 and 9 of our Summer 2019 Newsletter for descriptions of duties for the positions. All nominees must be current members of SOHA.

To nominate yourself or someone else (with their consent, of course), please send your name and contact information, along with two sentences on why you or the person you are nominating are qualified and interested in being on the SOHA Board of Directors, by August 1 to: SOHA Nominating Committee Chair Sarah Moorhead,

SOHA at OHA 2019

OHA Conference Registration for SOHA Members

Southwest Oral History Association Discount Codes :

Early Bird Registration (Until 8/15/19)

Discount Code Price Description
SOHAMEMEB $165 For people with institutional support
SOHAINDSEB $145 For people who are independent scholars

Regular Registration (Beginning 8/16/19)

Discount Code Price Description
SOHAMEMReg $190 For people with institutional support
SOHAINDSReg $175 For people who are independent scholars
SOHASTUDENT $50 For students or community practitioners*

*Student and community practitioner pricing is the same for early bird and regular registration.

** Registration for Family Members of Attendees is $35, and is the same for both members and non-members.

Online Registration Instructions:

  1. Go to the online registration form. More registration information can be found on our website here.
  2. Create an account on the site. You do not have to become an OHA member.
  3. Fill out the registration information. For registration type, select Non-Member. You can also register other people as guests. Please don’t use the given discount codes for non-SOHA members.
  4. Go to the next page, and enter the appropriate discount code. This will give you OHA Member Pricing.
  5. Continue checking out.
  6. You will receive an invoice receipt and registration confirmation in your email.

*If you wish to register and pay by check, please use this 2019 Registration form. Please indicate that you are a SOHA Member, and mail to the address listed on the form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OHA Executive Office at


Summer 2019 Newsletter

We hope you enjoy our SOHA Summer 2019 Newsletter! You can share it with family and friends with our social media accounts. Learn more about our upcoming conference with the Oral History Association in Salt Lake City, Utah October 16-20, 2019. Our members receive a special rate, so please renew your membership today. Visit for registration details. There’s still time to submit a poster, so consider participating in this year’s program. You will want to register for the conference tours and workshops led by amazing scholars in the oral history field.


Oral History Association Archives Interest Group

Image result for OHA-AIGOral History Association Archives Interest Group


Conference Call Agenda

Date:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time: 2-3 PM EST (11-Noon PST).

Location:  Zoom Meeting.  To join the meeting, use this Zoom link

Please Note:  This session will be recorded if there is consensus to do so from all participants. Previous discussions that were recorded can be accessed here

  1. Welcome (2:00 PM EST)
  2. May Discussion of Practice (2:00 ~ 2:45 PM EST)  

Topic:  “Multilingual indexing (workflows) with OHMS”

Joint Facilitators/ Presenters; Teague Schneiter, Senior Manager, and Brendan Coates, Senior Archivist, Oral History Projects at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, California.


III. May Business Meeting (2:45-3:00 PM EST)

1) Update on committee to address OHA Principles and Best Practices supplemental archives document initiated in January

Jennifer Snyder/ Ellen Brooks

2) Any Additional New Business or Announcements?

Future Meeting Topics:  

July 2019:  TBD, Possibilities include:

“Cooking with Sound”:  Recording Software, Best Practices (Charles Hardy III, West Chester University)

“Using text analyzing and data analysis tools and strategies for mining large oral history collections (transcripts): early discussions from a case study at San Francisco State University (Lauren Kata, with longtime OHA member and guest Kathy Nasstrom)

September 2019:  Topic Needed/TBD

November 2019:  Automated Transcription Part II, Allison Schein Holmes, Archivist, WFMT & Studs Terkel Radio Archive

Topic Ideas for the Future:  Copyright 101 (Teague/AMIA)

Don’t Forget:

OHA-AIG Member Bios:  Reminder to please consider adding your bio here if you haven’t already done so – Bios AIG members

Conference Call Discussion Topics Document:  Please add any new ideas for discussion topics to this document – Conference Call Discussion Proposals

Community-Based Digital Archives Workshops for Activists

Documenting the Now is accepting applications from social justice activist organizations that would like to benefit from a free community-based digital archives workshop in their city. The workshops will focus on helping activists to develop the skills and to use available tools to collect, preserve, and share their web, social media and other types of digital content in their own digital archive. Our hope is that activist communities, in creating their own archives, will be able to better document their activities, assert a greater level of control over their own narratives, and secure access to digital content that has been safely captured and preserved through methods that will allow that content to be authenticated at a later date for evidentiary, research, or other purposes. As part of the workshop, our trainers will also share knowledge about digital security and surveillance, as these are issues that negatively impact modern day social justice activism. During the workshops, participants will:

  • Build a community-based digital archive for their organization.
  • Gain a better understanding about data collection, digital security, and surveillance issues around web and social media content.
  • Gain new knowledge about digital content generated on mobile devices and develop skills to safely archive that content.
  • Build relationships with local archivists and other historical documenters in your city.
  • Engage in conversations leading to deeper understanding about how digital content generated in online spaces affects our personal, social, and professional lives.


Eligibility for the workshops will be limited to organizations that:

  • Advocate for social justice causes affecting the lives of people of color including African Americans, Native Americans, Latinx and other marginalized people such as LGBTQIA, victims of police violence, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, immigrants, disabled people, poor people, etc.
  • Use social media, the web and other digital tools such as cell phones, livestreaming technology, etc, in their work whether for communication, advocacy, or organizing.
  • Have an interest in understanding how their social media, web, and other digital content is being collected and who is collecting it.
  • Have an interest in building their own community-based digital archive as a way to document their activism.

Visit for details.

Texas Oral History Association (TOHA)

“TOHA is a network for oral history practitioners that promotes the use of professional interviewing and archiving standards. Explore our site to discover who we are and what we do. We invite you to join us in our adventure to better understand both the present and the past through recording the voices of eyewitnesses to history. TOHA, an affiliate of the Oral History Association, is hosted by the Baylor University Institute for Oral History.

We are excited to announce that next year’s meeting will be located in the beautiful, vibrant, and weird Austin, TX! Austin is a great, central location for the conference and with so many sites and wonderful restaurants, conference attendees will have lots to see and to do around the city.

The 2019 conference will be held April 26-27, on the campus of St. Edward’s University, and is being sponsored by both their Journalism & Digital Media Program and the Department of History. TOHA is extremely grateful for their generosity—and a special thank you to TOHA member Jena Heath for the offer to host our conference there.

Registration is now open! Please visit to register for this year’s event. We ask that everyone register by April 22, 2019.”

Don’t forget to review TOHA’s Oral History Technology Page:

This page is a companion piece to an article entitled “Brave New World: A Guide to Twenty-First Century Technology for Oral History,” published in the 2017 edition of the Sound Historian. The links listed below, organized by section, mostly correspond to theitalic text found in the article. Additional or alternative links will be provided over time as technology progresses. The hope is that this page will continue to be updated twice yearly so that recent trends can be fully represented. In general, please consider also consulting the wonderful resource website Oral History in the Digital Age (OHDA) for additional information and discussions on many of these topics.

Digital Audio Recording

Digital Audio Recorders

Preferred brands: MarantzTascam, & Zoom

Entry-level professional recorder – Tascam DR-40

BUIOH flagship recorder – Marantz PMD661MKII

OHDA Recorder Selection Tool

How-to guide for setting audio levels

Smartphones as Recorders

Smartphone microphone attachments for iPhone: Zoom iQ6/7Rode IXYLShure MOTIV line

Quality smartphone recording applications (iOS): Recorder PlusShurePlus MOTIV, & Voice Record Pro

Quality smartphone recording applications (Android): Recorder PlusShurePlus MOTIV, & Voice Recorder Pro

Long Distance Recording

List of telephone audio interfaces

JK Audio QuickTap

Skype recording application list


Olympus Telephone Recording Device (for recording cell phone calls externally)


OHDA Microphone Selection Tool

Digital Preservation

BUIOH cost schedule/time committment breakdown

Digital File Management

BWF Metaedit

MetaX (Now supported as MetaZ)

Article on File Fixity



Short-Term Digital Storage

Cloud Storage: BoxDropbox, & Google Drive

Long-Term Digital Storage

Cold Storage: Amazon Glacier & Backblaze

Digital Processing

Audio-Visual Editing Software


Adobe Audition


iZotope RX 6

Windows Movie Maker – As of January 2017 WMM is no longer supported by Microsoft, and therefore no longer available to download. If you do not already have a version installed on your PC, please consult this Techradar article for free alternatives.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Transcription Software

Foot pedals for transcription

FTW Transcriber


Express Scribe

Dragon NaturallySpeaking – Oral History Review blogpost on this topic


Digital Tools for Access

Websites and Databases




Waco History

PC Magazine’s review of web hosting services

Online Content Hosting Options




The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS)

Information and sign-up site

BUIOH’s recent use of OHMS

Social Media





Waco History Facebook account

Waco, Texas History in Pictures Facebook group (requires you to be logged into Facebook)